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Power-Cleen: Natural powerful degreaser - Removes motor oil and grease


Power-Cleen is a safe biological cleaner-degreaser with neutral pH. It dissolves, dislodges and encapsulates grease, ensuring a thorough clean that leaves no greasy film after rinsing. Power-Cleen is ideal for automotive and truck engines, tractors, forklifts, gears and chains, industrial machinery, electrical equipment and other metal tools. It is the most effective product for removing motor oil and grease (barbecue) stains from concrete floors, pavers, slabs and masonry. Power-Cleen does not contain harmful ingredients such as solvents, very safe for users: does not emit harmful vapors and is not corrosive.

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BioCleen is a Canadian company that develops and manufactures organic cleaning products based on enzyme, free from toxic ingredients and eco-friendly for the environment as well as for human beings.

Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Excellent Natural Degreaser

Power-Cleen is an excellent natural degreaser that I highly recommend. It is incredibly powerful and effectively removes motor oil and grease from various surfaces. I've used it on engines, tools, and even kitchen appliances, and it never fails to impress me.

Excellent Degreaser for Tough Stains

Power-Cleen is an excellent degreaser that I highly recommend for tackling tough stains. Whether it's motor oil or grease, Power-Cleen effortlessly removes them from various surfaces. I've used it in my garage and kitchen, and it never disappoints.

Powerful and Reliable Cleaner

Power-Cleen is an outstanding cleaner that gets the job done. It effortlessly removes grease and grime from various surfaces. It's my go-to solution for tackling tough cleaning tasks. Highly recommended for its powerful cleaning abilities!

Impressive Natural Degreaser

I have used it on my garage floor and driveway, and it has worked wonders at cleaning up tough grease stains. It is also very easy to use and doesn't require any elbow grease. Overall, I highly recommend the Power-Cleen natural degreaser to anyone looking for a safe and effective cleaning solution for their garage, driveway, or any other area with tough grease stains!

The Best Natural Degreaser Out There!

My wife purchased Power-Cleen and was amazed at how well it worked to remove motor oil and grease from my garage floor. I was skeptical at first because it's an all-natural product, but it definitely lived up to its promises.