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Pur-Cleen: Clean foodborne soiling - Recommended for cleaning restaurant kitchens and garbage can


Pur-Cleen is an organic product that is used to clean food-borne soiling and destroy the resulting bad odors. Its effectiveness is ensured by its enzymatic mixture which contains 100% natural surfactants.

- 100% Canadian enzymatic technology
- Cleans and eliminates odors
- 100% natural, pH neutral
- Very safe

The list of all our natural products is below :

BioCleen is a Canadian company that develops and manufactures organic cleaning products based on enzyme, free from toxic ingredients and eco-friendly for the environment as well as for human beings.

Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
Amin ketari
Du jamais vu

J'ai utilisé purcleen pour nettoyer mon Barbacu. Vraiment il dégraisse et nettoie à fond sans dégager des odeurs chimiques. En plus aucun effet secondaire sur les mains!!! Même résultat observé quand j'ai lavé ma haute
Bravo et merci @biocleen pour la gamma bio

Reliable Cleaner for Restaurant Kitchens

Pur-Cleen is a reliable cleaner that I highly recommend for restaurant kitchens. It effectively tackles foodborne soiling, ensuring a clean and hygienic environment. I've used it on various surfaces and appliances, and it never disappoints. Pur-Cleen effortlessly eliminates tough stains and odors, leaving everything fresh and sanitized.

Top-Notch Cleaner for Restaurant Kitchens

Pur-Cleen is a top-notch cleaner for restaurant kitchens. It tackles foodborne soiling with ease, leaving surfaces clean and sanitized. I rely on it to maintain a spotless kitchen and even clean garbage cans. Highly recommended for its exceptional cleaning performance!

Excellent Cleaner for Restaurant Kitchens

I have been using the Pur-Cleen foodborne soiling cleaner in my restaurant kitchen, and it is an excellent product that I highly recommend to anyone in the food service industry. It is incredibly effective at removing tough foodborne soiling without leaving any residue or odors behind.

A Game-Changer for Restaurant Cleaning

Pur-Cleen is a must-have for any restaurant. It's highly effective at cleaning up foodborne soiling and keeping garbage cans spotless. Since we started using Pur-Cleen, we've noticed a significant reduction in bacteria. It's a reliable and efficient cleaning solution that we highly recommend.