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Betocium: Salt and Concrete Residues Remover - Calcium Residues Remover


Betocium, is a 100% natural safe alternative to acidic and aggressive concrete solvents for cleaning concrete or cement trucks (Readymix), mixers and concrete floor levelers. It also neutralizes calcium residues and removes stubborn salt stains that would appear on your floor. With a composition without solvents or aggressive products, Betocium respects glossy and varnished floors allowing it to have a wide spectrum of use (concrete, ceramic and floating wood floors, etc.).

Betocium does not contain harmful ingredients such as solvents, very safe for users: does not emit harmful vapors and is not corrosive. It preserves the environment from chemical waste and is biodegradable.

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BioCleen is a Canadian company that develops and manufactures organic cleaning products based on enzyme, free from toxic ingredients and eco-friendly for the environment as well as for human beings.

Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
Betocium Works Like Magic

I recently purchased Betocium, and I have to say, I am beyond impressed. This product truly works like magic. Within minutes of applying it to the concrete around my pool, the stubborn white residue left by salt and calcium deposits disappeared completely.

Salt removal product at a fair price

I regularly fish in brackish water and need to flush the motor afterwards. This product is supposed to be the most effective in combating corrosion. Replacing a motor is expensive compared to this.

the best product

We lie in an area with baaad water-this is the only product that can clean the awful stains and marks from the lime and other minerals

Awesome product

This absolutely removed our hard water spots on our shower door. Great product.

The Best Hard Water Residue and Stain Remover

I bought this Biocleen product because it was deemed the best product for removing hard water stains on the web. I just bought it to check and now I am addicted to this cleaner.