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Power-Cleen: Natural powerful degreaser - Removes motor oil and grease


Power-Cleen is a safe biological cleaner-degreaser with neutral pH. It dissolves, dislodges and encapsulates grease, ensuring a thorough clean that leaves no greasy film after rinsing. Power-Cleen is ideal for automotive and truck engines, tractors, forklifts, gears and chains, industrial machinery, electrical equipment and other metal tools. It is the most effective product for removing motor oil and grease (barbecue) stains from concrete floors, pavers, slabs and masonry. Power-Cleen does not contain harmful ingredients such as solvents, very safe for users: does not emit harmful vapors and is not corrosive.

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BioCleen is a Canadian company that develops and manufactures organic cleaning products based on enzyme, free from toxic ingredients and eco-friendly for the environment as well as for human beings.

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Great Cleaner

Doesn't leave greasy/shiny residue like other cleaners. My garage shines after cleaning with this degreaser.

Overall decent product

Product works great, and works decently well for grease as well.

Awesome stuff!!

This works exactly as advertised. I changed the oil of my truck in the driveway and, as usual, managed to splash quite a bit of dirty oil on the concrete driveway. I tried to scrub it off with a degreaser but to no avail. Then my neighbor told me to use this cleaner. It was a great experience as this cleaner vanished all the stains.

It's magical degreaser

I own a cleaning business and most if my jobs are disgusting, dirty, filthy, greasy homes that need to get ready for sale or rentals. This product by far has improved my cleaning of everything from grout, tile, hood ranges, walls and many other surfaces you can think of.

Bang for your buck

I used plenty of products for months but in vain, then I used it in the parking lot at my work and it’s fantastic.