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Biocleen seeks to establish collaborations with academic and industrial partners for innovation in enzymes technology. We love to discover new enzyme solutions for applications across, petroleum extraction, food processing, cleaning, and more. We thoughtfully engage with customers to understand their needs to find new and efficient solutions using extensive enzyme portfolio. Our goal is to create a custom and unique formulation that fits the target. Our knowledgeable staff works currently to:

1-Select new and effective enzymes family produced by fungi based on agricultural residues known as a rich and inexpensive source of sugars and acids which serve as nutrients for industrial enzyme-producing microorganisms. Indeed, filamentous fungi are the preferred source of industrial enzymes because of their excellent capacity for extracellular enzymes production.

2-Optimise a green solution which combined enzymatic and bacteria technologies for petroleum applications

3-create a custom and unique formulation that fits specific customer target.

Contact Biocleen team member to help to find the best green solution for your needs.